Ahiazu is the name and area which came into being after the IMO STATE of Nigeria also came into being, as part of the government of THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC of NIGERIA'S policy of "bringing governance to the grass root".

The name AHIAZU was coined when two large populous and vibrant communities were merged together to form what we now know as AHIAZU local government. The two communities are Ahiara and Ekwerazu. If you take the first three letters of AHIARA and the last three of EKWERAZU and join them you get the AHIAZU.

Prior to the creation of AHIAZU local government, MBAISE which is arguably the largest and most thickly populated area in IMO STATE had only one local government located at what was then considered the centre of MBAISE-ABOH.

The harmony, success and progress which resulted from the creation of AHIAZU LGA led other communities of MBAISE to demand more LGA. In time the ABOH central LG> was split into ABOH MBAISE LGA and EZINIHITTE LGA.

Despite the carving of the old ABOH MBAISE LGA now into three different LGA'S, the geographical area known as MBAISE is still unied as one MBAISE geographically, politically and culturally; hence you have to date the EZURUEZU MBAISE, the IRIJI MBAISE etc.

The AHIAZU local government is run elected members from the two communities that for AHIAZU. The administrative headquarter is located near the boundary of the two communities at ORU AHIAZU. Of the six famous markets in MBAISE, three are located in AHIAZU and attract people from far beyond the LGA. The Abattoir which serves the whole of IMO STATEis located in one of the markets AFOROGBE

The first chairman of the council was a former school teacher turned politician by the name of late Mr Donatus Onu. There have been many others since then including Chief Francis Anyanwu who studied in London before going to Nigeria to start his business. As his interest in politics grew he contested election, to serve as a chairman of the local government. He served in this capacity twice and his administration produced noticeable achievements such as construction of local roads. It was also during his time in office that the present AHIAZU general hospital was built. To date he is one of the influential members of the A.P.C(UK).

In keeping with the traditions of MBAISE people both inside and outside the country, indigens of this great and interesting geographical area called MBAISE organize themselves to strive to better themselves by caring for one another in times of joy and sorrow.

It is not surprising therefore that the indigens of AHIAZU in the UK organized themselves to form the AHIAZU PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY. The goals of the community are contained in their constitution.

The APC UK though a small community in terms of membership is very effective and forward looking, the founding members made a very good solid foundation. The first chairman was late Mr. P.C Anyanwu and late Mr. C.C Chukwudi was the first secretary. Mr. S. Ukaegbu led the community through a difficult times and his efforts and those of his community were crowned with the completion and handover of a four bedroom bungalow as dotor's residence at the AHIAZU general hospital in 2005.

The present chairman of APC UK is Sir Jude Oparah,he is dynamic and very effective and all his executives are pushing the community to a new level of 21st century activities. A combination of the achievements of the last executives and the efforts and performances of the present executives have imparted to an increase in the membership of the community; as we record and register new members almost at every meeting.

It is hoped that as the community becomes more focused at achieving things here and at home many more AHIAZU indigens in the UK will like to be part of the progress of the APC UK.

Special gratitude is owed to our female members - the wives and sisters of the male members whose support in all the effors and activities is priceless.