The Igbo

The word Igbo can be interpreted to mean the Igbo language, the Igbo people or the Igbo land.

The Igbo language is a tonal language which differentiates meanings of words of the same spellings by using pitches or marks. Right from the beginning there has been various dialects of the Igbo language. People from places like Orlu, Owerri,Onitsha, Mbaise, Mbaino,Ikwere etc. all have different dialects. Though people from this different places can understand each but it can be confusing sometimes. Hence, there was need in 1961 to come up with standard Igbo called "Igbo Izugbe" which is a mixture of the various dialects. This has made it possible for the language to be understood by all Igbo speaking populates and to be taught in schools.

Learn Igbo language The Igbo land which is situated in the South-eastern part of Nigeria is divided into two by River Niger. The Eastern Igo or East and the West of River Niger. The Eastern Igbo includes areas like Imo State, Abia Anambra, Enugu, Elele, Etche, Obigbo and other Igbo speaking areas in the Rivers state. The Igbo land in the West of River Niger includes areas like Onicha-ugbo, Ogwashiukwu, Asaba Ibuzu etc.
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