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With deep regret and gratitude to God for life well spent, we announce the the final lay to rest of Lolo Grace Anyanwu of Ekwerazu Town

When God saw you are getting tired:

And a cure was not to be

He put his arms around you

And whispered, come to me He didn’t like what you went through

And he gave you rest

His garden must be beautiful

He only takes the best

And when we saw you sleeping

So peaceful and free from pain

We wouldn’t wish you back

To suffer that again

Today we say goodbye

And as you take your final rest

That garden must be beautiful

Because you are one of the best.

Sleep on beloved sleep on and take thine rest. Lay down thine head upon thine saviours breast. We love thee well but Jesus loves thee best.GOOD NIGHTG!GOOD NIGHT. Calm is thine slumber as an infact sleep but thou shall wake no more to toil and weep.

The Lord gave and the Lord took, glory to his holy name.

Ahiazu Mbaise Progressive Community UK Ltd